“Their children will be as in days of old, and their community will be established before me; I will punish all who oppress them.” Jeremiah 30:20 NIV

Read:  Jeremiah 30:17-24

A dime coke and a nickel’s worth of peanuts was a great snack in those ‘good old days’.   Or maybe, you remember bread for fifteen cents a loaf or gasoline for nineteen cents a gallon.  Mrs. Baird’s bread bakery in 1975 had a customer counter with a row of stools where you could get two slices of toast (right off the bakery line) served with butter and honey for a dime and a cup of coffee for another dime.

According to a recent internet story about the ‘good old days’, we may have selective memory…or maybe even a bad memory with a very active imagination.  Remembering those good old days, do you have a bad memory or a very active imagination?


Not all of those good old days were good.  In fact, if you really ponder, some of those good old days were pretty bad and full of regrets and heartaches.  Now, life expectancy of a newborn is 20 years longer than a newborn a few decades ago.
Scriptures tell us of those good old days and not so good old days as well.  Good and bad.  We can recount in our own lives times we held GOD close and times we rejected HIM.   HIS people, in the short days after GOD rescuing them from Egypt, turned on GOD asking to be returned to Egypt as slaves so they would have food to eat.   They remembered the ‘good old days’ and forgot the reality of being enslaved, beaten and killed.   How soon we all can forget the truth of those ‘good old days’.

How about you?   Do you just remember only the good times or just the bad times?   We all have good times and we all have some bad times.  The thing that separates us is our faith during those times.   Scripture tells us to give thanks to GOD in all things.  That may seem difficult during difficult times.  Still, GOD is with you during the good times and the bad.

Today will be tomorrow’s ‘good old days’.

Today’s prayer:   “LORD MY GOD, Thank YOU for being with me during those good old days that were sometimes not so good.   Help me be more aware of YOUR presence and all the goodness YOU have for me today.  Amen.”