“50/50 DOES NOT WORK!”

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”  Mark 12:30 NIV


Read:  Mark 12:28-33

You may have celebrated yesterday, Valentine’s Day, with your special Valentine.  Flowers and candy seem to be the accepted gifts of the day.   I always liked the simple messages on small heart shaped candies.

We often need little messages and hints to keep us on target during our earthly endeavors.   One of the most understood is the false advice that relationships are 50/50.

A sure way to a failed relationship is to give only 50 percent and to expect only 50 percent in return.   Do you give only half effort to a relationship?

If you are not enthusiastic about giving a full 100 percent, why not?   100 percent commitment, dedication and effort are all absolutely necessary in all personal and business relationships.  If you give less than 100 percent, you should not expect anything from another.

A 100/100 percent relationship is what GOD wants with you.  GOD will always give you 100 percent…HE will never  give you less than 100 percent of HIS love and attention.  If GOD is giving you 100 percent, why would only obey HIM 50 percent of the time, talk with HIM only when you want HIS help or attend worship services only when you feel you have time for GOD?

It is up to you to complete the 100/100.   Can GOD depend upon you to give HIM 100 percent in return?  Is there any reason for you to feel less than 100 percent is adequate?  Let me give you a hint…NO!   Our scripture verse tells us to love with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.   All is 100 percent.
Today’s prayer:  “GOD, Please hear my sincere prayer.  Thank YOU for all YOU have done for me.   Thank YOU for never ignoring me and always giving me 100 percent of YOUR love and attention.   Help me to give more to YOU than I am.  Amen.”