“Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.”  Jeremiah 3:15 NIV

Read:  Jeremiah 3: 14-18

A lady was being introduced to a man at a casual gathering.   Just before the meal, he was excusing himself to lead the group in a prayer before the meal.  In a voice of disbelief, she said; “Oh, you’re one of those Bible thumpers!”   He politely responded; “And proud of it!”

Have you ever been accused of being a Bible thumper?   If not, why not?  We all should be proud of our faith in our loving GOD.

Too much emphasis has been placed on being politically correct and not enough on being truthfully correct as GOD has taught us.  When we allowed prayer to be removed from our schools, we allowed our society to go into a tailspin of destruction.   When we allowed GOD to be placed secondary to public opinion, we started the destruction of our society.

While we should be expressing our faith in our CREATOR, we don’t need to beat others over the head with a baseball bat or our Bibles.   JESUS brought us grace.   We should love and teach others with the grace HE has given us.

GOD has cautioned us throughout scripture of our failings and obedience.

While most will fall short and never enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we are to spread HIS gospel message so as many as possible can spend eternity with our TRIUNE LORD.  Be a Bible thumper…a Bible thumper filled with the loving grace of our GOD.



Today’ prayer:   “Thank YOU, LORD, for teaching me from YOUR WORD.   Today, I will start being more graceful in my walk with YOU and more vocal in my teaching of YOUR WORD.  Amen.”