“So be on your guard; I have told you everything ahead of time.” Mark 13: 23

Read: Mark 13: 23-27

Chances are you know someone who is always late. I have a family member who is always late. Not sometimes late…always late. We have delayed Thanksgiving dinners, picnics and other activities waiting upon them and their family. They always aplogize and offer an excuse. We say; “They will be late to their own funeral!” Even though others scowl and mutter disapproval, the next time we are to meet, I expect them to be late. For too many years, they have set a pattern of being late, upsetting others with uncaring actions and words.

How about you? Are you always late? How about late often? We can all be caught off guard by unusual traffic or a delay caused by something out of our control. Yet, when we succumb to being late as a routine, we fail others as well as ourselves. Being late should not be a part of our lives.

The Old Testament is full of prophesy. The prophets of old told of the coming of CHRIST. Scholars have researched and we can study these verses ourselves. All details came to pass, just as prophesied. JESUS was on time.

JESUS told us of another time to be prepared. JESUS will return in perfect timing. We don’t know the date or the hour, but HE will be on time.

Will you be prepared and on time for JESUS’ return. Scripture has told us to be prepared. If you are late, even a minute late, it will be too late. When JESUS returns to take us home, don’t expect HIM to wait for you to do one more thing or to offer a flimsy excuse of putting something in place as more important. This is one time you can lose eternity by being late.

If you have not accepted JESUS CHRIST as your LORD and SAVIOR, it will be too late. Today is your day to accept JESUS and to live for HIM.

Today’s Prayer: “JESUS, Thank you for waiting upon me all these years. I don’t want to be late for you any more. Today, I accept you as my personal savior and I ask for your help in living my life for you. Amen.”