“…and from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth.  To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood,”  Revelation 1:5 NIV

Read:  Revelation 1:1-6

Have you ever needed an alibi?   Were you ever accused of doing something when you were totally innocent?   A personal eye witness of you not being even near the scene of the situation can be an iron clad alibi.   Then, maybe there was a time when you were guilty, very guilty and there was no alibi.   Guilt was simply guilty.


Recently there was a news story of a man who was arrested for armed robbery.   He was innocent of the robbery and his iron clad alibi was he was buying and selling illegal drugs at the time and was nowhere near the location of the robbery.    He was freed on the robbery charge and re-arrested on drug charges.

Have you escaped a guilty situation by using an alibi of another situation?   Guilty is still guilty.   From my childhood, I remember the phrase;  ‘He is as guilty as homemade sin.’   I can’t tell you what homemade sin is.  But, I get the message.

Truthfully, we won’t ever need an alibi when we are in places and doing things when and where GOD would want us to be.  GOD is our iron clad alibi.  HE knows all about us; all of our guilt and all of our innocence.

Is today the day you trade your guilt for an iron clad guarantee for life with our FATHER in Heaven?   When we meet JESUS in the air, we will not need an alibi.  All our sins will have already been forgiven.

Today’s prayer: “Thank YOU, LORD, for forgiving all my sins.   Thank YOU for giving me a second chance.   Thank YOU for preparing me a place in Heaven.   By YOUR grace, I do not need an alibi.  Amen.”