“So that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other.” 

1Corinthians 12:25 NIV


Read:   1Corinthians 12:1-27


Apathy!   Our dictionaries tell us apathy is a lack of concern or a lack of interest.  It seems apathy is spreading across our great nation.  Yet, no one seems to care…  These sentences might sound like a pun and bring a smile to your face, but it is no laughing matter.
Our Bibles tell us what GOD wants us to do.   HE tells us HIS desires and expectations for all those HE created.   As we read HIS word, we can be apathetic and continue doing as we please while ignoring all our LORD has told us to do.

Political correctness has been a major contributor to our apathetic nation.   We seem to more concerned with being politically correct than pleasing our GOD.


How about you?  Do you really care or are you more concerned with being politically correct than being obedient to GOD?    ‘Thou shall’ and ‘Thou shall not’ are not suggestions.   There is no such thing as being just a little wrong or  being right most of the time.   Do you think you can do as you want and refuse all GOD has told you to do?

Today is the day you can throw being politically correct out the window and start living as GOD has told you to do.  Obedience is far better than siding with non-believers and doing as Satan wants you to do.   Apathy is Satan’s friend.   Don’t make apathy your friend.

Today’s prayer:   “FATHER GOD, Please forgive me.   There are times I have apathetic and more concerned with being politically correct than being obedient to YOUR word.  I will be more true to YOU.  Amen.”