“YOU, GOD, know my folly; my guilt is not hidden from YOU.”  Psalm 69:5


Psalm 69:1-18

Aren’t clear cellophane and plastics wonderful?  They protect the contents and allow us to see products clearly.  I like to see what I am buying.   Boxes and printed bags hide the contents.

We are a lot like the printed bags and boxes.   We tell others who we are, but we block them from seeing who we really are inside.   Just like the box proclaiming its contents are new and improved, we are often less than we advertise.

No matter what we want others to think we are, GOD knows who we are.  HE knows our good and HE knows our bad.   Like the old saying; you can fool some of the people all the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

We need to understand, we cannot fool GOD any of the time.  But, we have something better.   We can have the forgiveness that can only come from a merciful GOD.  Are you hiding dark shadows and a life of sin that needs to be forgiven?   You don’t have to live with those burdens any longer.   Today, you can have a joyful peace; living in the comfort of the loving arms of JESUS.   Tell HIM of the mistakes you have made, of the wrongful things you have done.  Tell HIM of the burdens you have carried all too long and be prepared to be forgiven and spared the agony of all your past.

Today’s prayer:  “LORD JESUS Thank YOU for all YOU have done and will do for me.  Forgive me for all my past sins and errors I have made.  I trust YOU and accept YOU as my SAVIOUR.   Amen.”