“Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord will never count against them.”

Romans 4:8 NIV

Read:  Hebrews 9:22-28


Have you ever offended someone or caused a wrong to someone?  Of course you have, it is no badge of honor…but we all have.   As good and righteous as we want to be or think we are, we are all struggling with the evils of this world.   Sometimes we let our guard down and we fail someone with our words or actions…or both.

What do you do then?   Maybe you mumble a weak “I’m sorry” and never think of it again.  Does the person you offended or hurt accept your weak apology and never think of it again or are they still hurting?   Do you care enough to ask?


When these things happen, we have an obligation to correct our wrong.   There may be times when a sincere “I am sorry!” is adequate and there are other times restitution is needed. A gift or token with a note may be more responsible at other times to get your message across that you are really sorry.

Still, there is more to forgiveness than an “I’m sorry”, even if it is sincere.    You may have received an acceptance of your apology from the one you hurt, but there is another you offended with your words or actions.  GOD.

The other person may have forgiven you of your sinful act against them, but they cannot forgive you for GOD.   A few faiths teach the forgiveness of sins by another man.    No one can forgive you but GOD.   There is nothing more important when you have wronged another than personally going to GOD and asking for HIS forgiveness.

If you need to ever tell anyone “I’m sorry”, you need to ask GOD to forgive you as well.   No matter how large or small you feel your wrong doing was,  you need to acknowledge it and ask GOD to forgive you…every time.

Today’s prayer:  “MY FORGIVING SAVIOUR, Thank YOU for always forgiving me.   No matter how I stumble, YOU are there to pick me up and forgive my wrong words and actions.   Help me to communicate better my sorrow of my actions to others.  Amen.”