“But Jesus told him, ‘Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.'”  Matthew 8:22 NIV 


Read:   Matthew 8:18-22

‘Brain dead’ was at one time only a medical term.   It meant when a patient’s brain activity stops they are legally dead.   Machines can keep the lungs and heart functioning artificially.  But, machines cannot keep the brain functioning.


Today we hear ‘brain dead’ for other reasons.  It has become a slang term for those who have no apparent goals or desire to adapt into normal social activities.  ‘Brain dead’ has also been used as the title of a movie and television show about politics in Washington.   Now, there is a possibility of a real definition.
We also have a growing generation of those who are ‘spiritually dead’.   They have heard the gospel…at least part of it.  They know who JESUS is, but they do not know JESUS.

They claim to have it all.   But, they are spiritually dead.   They have a family, a home, a car.  They have family gatherings, go to events and have nice clothes.   But, they are spiritually dead.  They don’t see the need for JESUS.  They feel they are doing all right on their own.

There is another group who are not ‘spiritually dead’.   Yet, they are on spiritual life support.  They go to church, maybe often.  They may even pray over a meal once in while on a special occasion.   Sometimes, they may even glance at their Bible.

JESUS told us to let those who are spiritually dead bury the dead in today’s scripture reading.  Are you brain dead, spiritually dead or is your faith on life support?   Isn’t it time you had a spiritual check up?

Today’s prayer:  “My RISEN SAVIOUR, Thank YOU for forgiving my lack of faith.  Help me to be spiritually alive and to share my faith with others.  Amen.”