“Yet, Lord my God, give attention to your servant’s prayer and his plea for mercy. Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence.” 

2 Chronicles 6:19 NIV
Read:  2 Chronicles 6:18-21


Can you juggle several tasks at the same time?   I once saw a man juggle three bowling pins, while twirling a ring around his neck, a ring on each arm and another ring around his right calf while balanced with his left foot on a ball.

Some freely admit they can’t do several things at the same time.   Others seem to have an ability to do two or three things, going from one to another with seamless activity.   Some days, I can move from one task to another while not so well on other days.


All in all, we all have our limits to multi-tasking.  Too many tasks and the quality of our efforts usually dwindles rapidly.  It is difficult to focus on one priority when we are distracted by other activities.

GOD is the only multi-tasker.  We can’t even imagine a million prayers coming at HIM all at the exact same moment.   Yet, GOD hears each and every one.   HE gives each prayer the blessing it deserves.  You are important to GOD.

Not only is GOD able to hear each and every prayer, HE answers each and every prayer.  While some answers are more complex, basically GOD tells us “YES”, “NO” or “IN TIME”.   The problem is never unanswered prayers.   The problem is we did not hear HIS answer.   In order to hear, we have to listen.   In order to listen, we must listen attentively…not while we are attempting multi-tasks.

Prayer is a single task.  Give GOD the solitary respect HE deserves and you will have a better ability to hear HIS answers to your prayers.

Today’s prayer:  “MY LORD, Thank you for hearing my prayers.   Help me to listen for YOUR answers as I come to YOU in a quiet time without distractions.  Amen.”