“‘Lord, if it’s you,’ Peter replied, ‘tell me to come to you on the water.’  ‘Come,’ he said.”  Matthew 14:28-29 NIV


Read Matthew 14:22-33


Three pastors were fishing from a small boat.  One said he needed to go to the shore.  He stepped out of the boat and walked across the water to the shore.   Later, another announced he also was going to shore and walked across the water to the shore.

Seeing the other two, the third pastor decided his faith was as strong and stepped out of the boat.  Instantly, he sank and then swam to the shore.   One of the pastors, still in the boat, said to the other:  “I guess we should have told him where the rocks were just beneath the surface.”

Great faith is essential, but common sense and knowledge are both gifts from GOD as well.   During our daily lives, GOD gives us simple answers to what may seem like complicated questions.   We need to use the common sense and knowledge from GOD embraced with absolute faith.  JESUS will tell you where the rocks are.

Peter stepped out of the boat in faith; then allowed fear to take over.   We can be judgmental of Peter’s faith.   Yet, Peter was the only one to step out in faith, while the other disciples sat in the boat.  No one else stepped out in faith.

Are you stepping out in faith?  Can you walk on water or do other things that require great faith to JESUS’ outstretched arms?   HE is waiting for you.

Today’s prayer:   “LORD JESUS, Thank YOU for loving me, even when my faith is weak.  Please, help me to grow in my faith.  I will trust in all YOU tell me to do.  Amen.”