“His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”  2Peter 1:3 NIV

Read:  2Peter 1:3-11


The television commercial for an automobile road side service insurance company blared with testimonials claiming the merits of the nationally known company.   One lady declared she ‘could not live without’ her membership.   Do you have something that you simply can’t live without?


Ask and others may tell you they “can’t live without….”.   They may complete the sentence with ‘chocolate’, ‘a good book’, ‘a first cup of coffee’, ‘my cell phone’…you get the picture.

The truth is we can all live without any and all of these things.   But, there are some things we cannot live without.   Basics for life are known as water, food and shelter.   Other things may be necessary for comfort but are not absolutely necessary.

While many don’t realize it, there is ONE absolute necessity.  GOD.  The majority on this earth believe they are self sufficient.   They depend solely upon themselves.  But, as scripture tells us, when their time comes they will be all alone.  After it is too late, it is too late!
Are you like a dog who is chasing his own tail and never achieving anything for his efforts?    Stop chasing after things you don’t need.   Everything you need is available when you go to your knees.   GOD will bring you more than you can imagine.  Just ask HIM.

Today’s prayer:  “LORD MY GOD, Thank YOU for supplying more than I need and more than I deserve.   Help me understand the difference between what I need, what I want and what you want for me.  Amen.”