“My days are like the evening shadow; I wither away like grass.”  Psalm 102:11 NIV

Read:   Psalm 102:1-11


Do you have dark shadows in your life?  Are there times when gloom and doom seem to follow you every where?   Perhaps, you see the long, dark shadows of sinful times, mistakes and failures that haunt you…shadows of anguish, shadows of pains that won’t go away.   Those dark shadows of the past can be like a black veil smothering you.


Those dark shadows can prevent you from going forward and doing all GOD has for you.   Would you like to see them disappear forever?


The answer is faith.   Have faith in knowing the light of JESUS will take care of you.   JESUS came to be the light of the world.   HE can be the light that removes those cloudy shadows from your life.  Just as when you stand under the sun at high noon and see no shadows, when you stand under HIS perfect light, there are no shadows 24/7!  The problem that was casting those burdening shadows is surrounded by the LIGHT above.


Look into the LIGHT.   JESUS.    When you stand in the light of JESUS, you will not see those dark, haunting shadows.   HIS brilliance is what you have been waiting to see.   The more of JESUS’ light you want in your life, the fewer shadows you will hold onto.


Today’s prayer:  “Thank YOU, JESUS, for being my LIGHT in this dark and evil world.  Thank YOU for removing those dark shadows that have haunted me daily.   Amen.”