“I am your servant; give me discernment that I may understand your statutes.”  Psalm 119:125


Read:  Psalm 119:121-128


Do you have discernment?   Some do and some don’t.   The dictionary tells us in everyday life if we have perception we have discernment.  Would you like discernment?


Discernment comes from faith.   We can have discernment because the SPIRIT OF GOD is alive in us as believers.   GOD leads us with a clear understanding without having a conscious, worldly judgment.


You can have discernment of understanding even the most complicated lessons of scripture.   You can have discernment of good or bad reasons, knowing the purpose or motives of others in a situation.  Discernment of the whys and why nots of any situation is the HOLY SPIRIT guiding you by HIS perfection.


Those who have not accepted JESUS as their SAVIOUR will not have discernment.   The HOLY SPIRIT comes only to those who have admitted their sinful lives and accepted the eternal forgiveness given by JESUS.  Then you can call upon the SPIRIT OF GOD alive in you at any time.   HE will guide you with discernment if you will follow HIS lead.


The more you have discernment of GOD’S WORD, the more you will have discernment of situations and of others in your daily life.


Today’s prayer:  “Thank YOU, LORD, for giving me YOUR guidance through YOUR discernment.   Help me to call upon YOU when I need the clarity of understand of judgment that comes only through YOU.  Amen.”