“Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its lusts,… For sin shall not be master over you, for you are not under law but under grace.  Romans 6:12,14 NIV


Read:  Romans 6:1-18


Do you know sin?  ‘To see or know of sin and to ignore it is a sin itself.’   When we tolerate sin in any manner we are going against the will of GOD.   While we decide in our human nature that one sin is not as bad as another, there is no little sin.   Believing what you or others do are personal choices. Believing your  actions have no bearing or impact upon others is false.

Do you know sin?  Perhaps, the better question is when were you first introduced?   You probably first sinned when you proclaimed “NO!” to your mother or father as a toddler.   Through out your life your were re-introduced to sin in increasing numbers.  You learned to cheat at a childhood game.   You were introduced to sin when you told your first lie.  As you grew, you shook the hands of lust.  And the sins continued with fabrications on a resume or falsehoods on a tax return.  For many, there is so much sin in their lives they can no longer tell the difference.


So, think back.   When was the last time you sinned?  For a few, it was only seconds ago as you dismissed your latest sin. ‘To see or know of sin and to ignore it is a sin itself.’

We all have an opportunity to influence everyone we come in contact.   Some of our thoughts and beliefs are passed onto others.  These may be major influences or extremely subtle…but still influences.   How are you influencing others?   If your neighbors see you washing your car on Sunday morning instead of being in church, you have influenced them.   If they see you with your Bible getting into your car going to church, you have influenced them and had a positive impact upon them.


While our influences can have life changing effects upon others, our greatest influences of right and wrong are upon ourselves.

Do you know sin?  ‘To see or know sin and to ignore it is a sin itself!’

Today’s Prayer:  “LORD JESUS, Thank you for giving your life to take on all my sins.  Help me today to shed the urge to sin and to help someone else in their efforts to remove sins from their lives. Amen.”