“DO YOU RUN STOP SIGNS?” Wednesday Minute

“Later Jesus found him at the temple and said to him, ‘See, you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.'”  John 5:14 NIV


Read:  John 5:1-14


When you approach a yield sign, it can mean several things.   You may be able to continue if there is no opposing traffic, yield to another vehicle or come to a complete stop if you must yield to others who have the right of way.  But if you come to a stop sign or a red light, you have only one choice.   Stop.   Stop means stop, not slow or yield.


GOD tells us throughout scripture to go, to yield and to stop as well.  Are you running GOD’S stop signs?   We all, at one time or another, depend on ourselves and ignore GOD’S perfect instructions.  Oh, we don’t always intend on ignoring HIS lead.  We just become so overconfident in our own abilities, momentarily, we feel we can always make the best decisions on our own.


From Genesis through Revelations, HE has given us real examples of people and situations we can learn and grow from.  Do you view these as great stories of others and fail to apply the lessons to your own life?   GOD’S scriptures are not fairy tales.  They are for your benefit and mine.


As you go through your day, ask GOD if HE is giving you a stop sign, a cautionary yield sign or a bright green light.  He will guide you with HIS love if you will pay attention to HIS signs.   Stop, yield and go are easy signs to follow.   Do as GOD’S signs direct you to do.  In every situation, ask GOD what HE wants you do to and pay less attention to what you think you want and never believe you know better than GOD.


Today’s prayer:  “‘Thank YOU, GOD, for stopping me when I am doing wrong.   I know YOU have a better plan for me than I could ever imagine for myself.   Today, I will stop, yield and go only by YOUR instruction.  Amen.”