“DO YOU SUPPLICATE?” Sunday Sermonette

“May my supplication come before you; deliver me according to your promise.”      Psalm 119:170


Read:   Psalm 119:169-176


Often in scripture, we read a word that we are not sure of its true meaning.   We need to understand all the words GOD uses to tell us HIS desires and expectations of us.   So, do you supplicate?  We see this word or form of its tenses just a few times in scripture, yet it is a very important word.


The dictionary tells us that when we supplicate, we are praying to GOD in an earnest and humble manner.  It may also mean we are asking GOD to urgently help us.  When we supplicate, we are begging GOD to hear our prayers.


Do you supplicate when you ask GOD for help?   When GOD answers your prayers, do you go in supplication and thank HIM for answering your prayers or do you just take GOD’S assistance for granted?


Yes, supplication is more than just a rambled prayer.   Supplication is a sincere time of a real conversation with GOD.  When you go to GOD in prayer, you have a choice in the way you pray.   You can mumble a few thoughts with little concern of GOD hearing you and little expectation of HIM answering your prayers or you can pray in full supplication.


Next time you go to GOD, supplicate your thoughts with HIM.    Sincerely beg and plead with GOD in an absolute humble and earnest way.  GOD does not deserve any less.


Today’s prayer:  “Thank YOU, GOD for always being there to hear my prayers.    Forgive me when I have not been humble and sincere in coming to YOU.   I am sorry for my selfish thoughts and actions.  Amen.”