“‘What shall I do, Lord?’ I asked. ” ‘Get up,’ the Lord said, ‘and go into Damascus. There you will be told all that you have been assigned to do.’” Acts 22:10 NIV

Read: Acts 22:8-16

It is said there is one thing successful people have over those who are less than successful. Those who are most successful in any area of their lives are those who simply do what is needed to be done. We can day dream of doing what is needed or we can talk about doing something, but nothing will happen until we actually do it!

‘Doers do’ is not just about our jobs in this sometimes all too often humanly world. ‘Doing’ is what GOD expects us to do. GOD expects us to ‘do’ as HE tells us. We can think about what GOD wants us to do, we can even tell others what GOD wants us to do, but we will not please HIM until we ‘do’ as GOD tells us.

Our Bibles tell us hundreds times of GOD instructing HIS people to ‘do’ as HE said. Some were HIS direct instructions while some were HIS instructions through others. Each time, GOD has a purpose. We have been given the benefit of these verses so we can live our lives as GOD intended. We can read the verses and see the good and the wrongs of those lessons. We can understand the lessons GOD is telling us by injecting ourselves into the verses. When we bring GOD lessons into our present day lives we can clearly hear what HE wants us to do.

With each instruction to go and do, we see an immediacy. We are not to procrastinate. When GOD tells us to do as HE says, there is a given understanding to do it now. No where in GOD’S word does HE tell us to ‘do’ when we get around to it, when it fits our time table or when we have nothing better to do.
Be a ‘doer’ and do as GOD has told you…immediately or sooner!