“But God has surely listened and has heard my prayer. Praise be to God, who has not rejected my prayer or withheld his love from me!   Psalm 66:20 NIV


Read:  Psalm 66:16-20

Don’t take your problems to GOD!   It sounds like a fool’s advice doesn’t it?  It does until you hear the rest of it.   “Don’t take your problems to GOD.   Take GOD to your problems.”

Be proactive with GOD.   GOD knows more and can do more than we can even imagine.   But, GOD can use you.  Instead of dumping all your fears, frustrations, doubts and insecurities on GOD.   Take the ONE who is the SOLUTION to all problems directly to your problem.


We, sometimes, spend more time worrying about our problems and planning on what we should do, we forget GOD.  Instead of hauling your problems around as heavy weights burdening you down, just tell your problem to deal with GOD.


Tell GOD the problem.   Tell HIM the what, who, where and why of your problem and leave it where it is.   Then listen.   Listen for HIS perfect solution.  GOD will tell you what to do…if you are to do anything at all.

All too often, we take our problem to GOD.   Instead of leaving it alone, within days, hours or even minutes we struggle with taking it back.  If we really don’t want the problem, why do we insist of taking it back?
Guess what?   GOD will do the perfect job in solving your problem and you will do a less than perfect job at solving your problem.   The answer is simple.   Tell your problem it belongs to GOD.   Tell your problem it is not going to bother you anymore.  Tell your problem if it has any questions about its resolution; it needs to talk to GOD.  Let GOD do HIS perfect job.  Then thank HIM.  Thank HIM sincerely.

Today’s prayer:  “Thank YOU, GOD, for YOUR teachings and YOUR guidance.  Thank YOU for being the solution to all my problems…those real problems and those I create and imagine.   Today, my heart is light knowing YOU love me and care for me.   Amen.”