“So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?” Luke 16:11 NIV

Read: Luke 16:1-12

If you were looking for a job and you saw the following ad, would you be qualified?

“Wanted immediately: Honest, devoted employee. Must be able to follow instructions and avoid distractions. Some days are easy while some are long and difficult. Must strive to be better at their job today than yesterday and even better tomorrow. Pay is sometimes less than anticipated but efforts will be rewarded with a magnificent bonus.”

Would you be interested in such a job? The position is available today.

How do you apply? On bended knee.

The ad defines what God asks of each of us. God wants us to be honest and devoted to only Him. We must be faithful and follow His instructions without the constant distractions coming to us from Satan. Some days our efforts will seem so easy while we may struggle with the task God has given us on other days. We must grow in our faith, being a better Christian today than yesterday and even better tomorrow. Some of our tasks may seem to be unrewarded. During these difficult times, we must rely on our faith. The bonus? By following God’s instructions and carrying the message of Jesus we will be rewarded with an effortless and rich life in Heaven.

Are you an ‘unemployed Christian’? The position is available today. You are qualified. Improve your job skills. Go to church more often. Read your bible everyday. Spend more time in prayer with your Lord. Pay attention to your words and actions throughout the day. Witness to others. Don’t depend on someone else. Be depended upon by someone else.

Pick up your cross and go to work.

Today’s Prayer: “Lord, I need your help to be a better worker for you. Help me see the opportunities you have provided. Remind me of what, when and how I am to do your will. Amen.”