“Should GOD then reward you on your terms, when you refuse to repent? You must decide, not I; so tell me what you know.”  Job 34:33 NIV

Read:  Job 34:5-37


Things just were not going right.   When you felt you were walking a straight line, it seemed everyone else was turning left and right.   No matter what you did, you ended up all alone.  So, knowing in your own mind you were doing all the right things and everything still went wrong, you blamed GOD.


We have a manner of judging ourselves which is very different than the way GOD judges us.  We judge ourselves by looking at others, by standards of the world and maybe with a self blinding eye.

GOD judges by HIS standards.   Guess what?   GOD’S standards have never changed and will never change.   HE gave us an easy course if we choose to do things HIS way.  If we don’t obey GOD’S marching orders, we are re-inventing the wheel every day.

When we turn to our way rather than GOD’S way, we fail again.  Instead of looking at the reality of our own failures and accepting blame ourselves, we condemn GOD.  We will never truly live until we praise GOD for the times in our lives when we were condemning HIM.

We need to be thankful for the times we stumbled and failed only to be forgiven and lifted up by our GOD.   We condemned GOD and HE still forgave us.

Today’s prayer:  “GOD OUR FATHER, Thank YOU for forgiving me at those times I blamed YOU for my problems.   I stumble and fall from my own mistakes and YOU are always there to pick me up again and again.  Amen.”