“EVER DIG YOUR HEELS IN?” Wednesday Minute

 “So I gave them over to their stubborn hearts to follow their own devices.”  Psalm 81:12


Read:   Psalm 81:10-16


It seems we have an expression or an old saying for about everything.  Instead of just telling someone they are wrong, being stubborn or not being rational; we say they are ‘digging their heels in’.   We sometimes use words that may seem more palatable than just telling it like it is?

So, why do we ‘dig our heels in’?   Are we that much smarter than someone else or believe that our way is the only way?   Maybe, it is just a selfish pride.   We know we are wrong, but our own pride refuses what is right and it gets in the way.   We just don’t want to ever admit to being wrong.   Or maybe, we don’t want to admit that someone else knows more than we do or has a better understanding of a situation.


No matter how we excuse it, ‘digging our heels in’ will not be beneficial to us or to others.  A humble heart is necessary when dealing with situations that require us to be logical.   Usually, when we ‘dig our heels in’ we are making decisions based on our emotional feelings rather than a real right or wrong.


Peter dug his heels in.   He thought he knew better when he cut off a servant’s ear and again when he told JESUS he would never deny HIM.  But, he dug his heels in and denied he was a follower of JESUS or even knew HIM.   Maybe, you have not denied JESUS openly, but you have dug your heels in on situations with others knowing you were wrong.


Admitting to ourselves we are wrong is very difficult to do with the sin nature we all inherited from Adam and Eve.    It is even more difficult to admit to others…but not impossible.    Reject your selfish pride and ask JESUS to help you.   You never have to ‘dig your heels in’.


Today’s prayer:  “JESUS, Thank YOU for loving me even when I am wrong.   Thank YOU for helping me admit that I do not know everything and that I need to admit I am wrong more times than I want to be.   Amen.”