“Then the angel I had seen standing on the sea and on the land raised his right hand to heaven.”   Revelation 10:5 NIV

Read:   Psalms 134, Revelation 10:1-11


As I grew up, I realized there were times it was best not to raise your hand and times to raise your hands high.   One of the first lessons was in Spanish class.   When you have problems with your native language, I learned to never raise your hand when taking a second language class.   Another time, I learned to never raise your hand was in Marine Corps boot camp.


But, there are two times to raise your hand…proudly!   There are times we all should step up and volunteer without being pressured to help.  Raise your hands to help others.

The other time to raise our hands is in praise to our LORD.  One hand or both…reaching out to Heaven gives us a humanly effort to honor our GOD.

When was the last time you reached out with raised hands to GOD?   HE is closer than you might think and always within reach…just waiting for you.  You don’t have to be in church to raise your hands in praise.
Raise your hands to GOD in praise right now.  Now, didn’t that feel good?

Today’s prayer:    “LORD MY GOD, Thank YOU for being so near that I can always reach out to feel YOUR presence and be touched by YOU.  Today, I will raise my hands in praise of all YOU are doing in my life.  Amen.”