“FEAST ON SILVER . . . OR SCRAPS?” Wednesday Minute

“When one of those at the table with him heard this, he said to Jesus, ‘Blessed is the one who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God.'”  Luke 14: 15 NIV


Read:  Luke 14: 12-27


There is an old story of a king traveling through his city.   The king saw his poorest subjects digging through trash bins for food.   Not wanting anyone to feed themselves from the garbage, he planned a feast for those people.


The king had his cooks prepare an enormous amount of the very best food to be served on silver platters.   He sent his staff to gather his poor subjects.  As they arrived, he told each they could eat all they wanted from the delicacies served on silver platters.


Then, he noticed one man not eating but sneaking into the kitchen. The king questioned the man as he pulled scrap food from the garbage.   The man told the king he did not deserve the best food prepared for the banquet. He was more comfortable searching for scraps.


Are you like the poor, hungry man?   JESUS paid with HIS life to take on all your sins, so you can have the feast of GOD’S love. Are you still going through the garbage of your old life when you could have all GOD has prepared for you on HIS silver platters?


Our LORD wants the best for you.   There is no need to keep going back to the garbage of your life before you accepted JESUS as your SAVIOUR.


Today’s prayer:  “JESUS, MY LORD, Thank YOU for taking on the sins of my past life.  I want to forget the garbage that was part of my life and accept all the wonderful things YOU have prepared for me.  Amen.”