“As Jesus started on his way, a man ran up to him and fell on his knees before him. ‘Good teacher,’ he asked, ‘what must I do to inherit eternal life?'” Mark 10:17 NIV

Read: Mark 10:17-31

Have you spent this last year giving a lot more than you received? Has someone else taken the glory and left you with the garbage? Welcome to the world Satan controls through his evil ways.

You may know one of those ‘takers’. They may work with you and even be a family member. A well respected pastor told me after years of guiding churches, it is no different. Even in our churches we have givers and takers.

He described the givers as always giving. They always give. The givers donate their money, their time and their talents without being asked. Usually, those who tithe and give special offerings are the same who take part in the leadership of the church. The head committees, teach Bible study, visit the sick and help with maintenance and clean up.

The takers take. In general they are full of opinions and will tell you what the church should or should not do. They are ready to condemn but will not normally donate money, time or talent unless being asked and usually have an excuse for not doing even then. On rare occasion, they will assist but you cannot depend upon them to help on any consistent basis. You probably know someone like this.

JESUS met such a man. He was ready to follow JESUS as long as he did it his way, not GOD’S way. When asking JESUS what he must do to have eternal life, JESUS told him to sell all he had. Not wanting to give up his riches, he turned and walked away. He was willing to take all JESUS offered, but not was not willing to give.

Before this year ends, make a special donation to your church. Tell your pastor how much you appreciate his efforts…personally. While you are at it, tell someone on your church’s staff how much you appreciate them as well. Then make a commitment of your money, time and efforts to do more for GOD this next year.

Matthew 25:40 tells us: “Whatever you did for the least of your brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Revival Ministry is also in need of your support. Without your kindness, the radio ministry is most in jeopardy. Thousands hear GOD’S word through these broadcast. We cannot reach these listens, send Bibles to those without, send these devotionals around the world,or bring the lost into neighborhood churches without your help. Will you mail a tax deductible gift today or click on the donate button below? If you wait for someone else to give, it will not happen. Ask GOD what HE wants you to do. Please help!

Today’s Prayer: “JESUS, Thank you for offering me eternal salvation. I want to follow you in all I do. I will give my money, time and talents to help spread your word in any way I can. Amen.”