“But remember the LORD your GOD, for it is HE who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms HIS covenant, which HE swore to your ancestors, as it is today.” Deuteronomy 8:18 NIV

Read: Hebrews 7:1-6

Have you ever been given something by someone and then they asked for it back? Perhaps after a misunderstanding, they felt they were deserving of getting their gift back. How about repaying a debt? Do you have to pay your debts? Are you bound by your honor to return things that were loaned to you?

There is another ‘give it back’. One that will make you feel good. This time of year, churches are preparing budgets for the new year. Part of the efforts are tithing promises and stewardship drives. Many get anxious about hearing the need of financial help. Some squirm in their seats thinking; “They are asking for money again!” The ‘they’ you may refer to are not separate. You and every member of your church are part of the ‘they’. The needed funds are not for ‘them’, the funds are needed for all the ‘yous’ in your church family. Churches are often asking simply because the ‘giving’ has been inadequate.

Remember, in truth all your donations and tithing are not ‘gifts’ at all. Your ‘gifts’ are not ‘gifts’ but are an opportunity to ‘give it back’. Everything you have came to you from GOD. GOD has blessed you with every financial and material possession you claim as yours. There is nothing you have that was not given to you by GOD’S authority. Of course, you worked for the better life. But, it was GOD who gave you the physical and mental abilities to work and acquire all you have.

All you have is on loan to you. You can’t take it with you. As you donate and contribute during these tithing and stewardship drives, be generous to GOD and ‘give it back’. It was his money to start with!

Today’s prayer: “FATHER GOD, Thank YOU for all you have done for me and all YOU have given me to enjoy on this earth. Please guide me in the decisions I must make to give back to YOU a portion of what is YOURS already. Amen.”