“Who among you fears the LORD and obeys the word of his servant? Let the one who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the LORD and rely on their GOD.”  Isaiah 50:10 NIV

Read:  Isaiah 50:4-11


You may remember reading of my close call with death a few months ago.   I was infected with e-coli in a simple surgery which developed into septic shock.   The emergency room doctor told me I had come within a couple of feet of death’s door.

Later, a doctor friend reviewed my records and told me most people would not have survived what I went through, that medically I should have died.  He said:  “GOD did not send an angel to save you, HE came down HIMSELF to save you.”   Whether GOD sent an angel, personally cradled me, I rested in the protection of JESUS or it was the HOLY SPIRIT within me, I am humbled and on my knees just thinking of how much GOD loves us.


It does not take a close call with death to have GOD cradle you in HIS arms of protection.  GOD created us to be HIS.   Sin separates us from GOD.

Today is the day to talk with GOD.  There are a lot of false religions in this world.   Only Christianity allows us to have personal conversations with GOD.  Christ died for us and restored our ability to have one on one conversations with GOD OUR FATHER, JESUS OUR SAVIOUR AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT.   Anytime, anyplace we can have that life changing conversation prayer.   GOD is never too busy to ‘come down to you’.

Today’s prayer:   “GOD ON HIGH, Thank YOU for loving me, especially when I am being unlovable.  I am humbled and come to YOU in thanksgiving and obedience.  Forgive me of my failures and raise me up in my walk with YOU.  Amen.”