“But I pray to you, Lord, in the time of your favor; in your great love, O God, answer me with your sure salvation.”  Psalm 69:13 NIV

Read:  Psalm 69:1-17



What if you heard GOD has a new job and would no longer be available when you need HIM?   What would you do if you knelt and asked GOD for help in an emergency prayer and you got a recording telling you GOD was no longer accepting your prayers?

These thoughts are nothing but nightmarish worries.   GOD will always be on the job.   HE has no time off, no special hours and you will never get a recording when you call upon HIM.

GOD has always been, is and will always be.   The vastness of GOD we cannot even imagine.   For all we know about GOD, there is ten thousand times more we do not know…or need to know.  Since there is nothing new to GOD, there can be nothing new for HIM to do.

GOD has chosen to be our GOD.   We did not choose HIM.   GOD chose each and every one of us.   And HIS job…it is really no job at all.    All HE wants from each of us is why HE created us. Remember Adam and Eve?  HE created them for fellowship in HIS garden.  HE created you so you could fellowship with HIM.   GOD wants you to know HIM personally.

GOD wants us to fellowship with HIM every day.  Have you been too busy to talk with GOD?  HE is never too busy to talk with you.  Have you treated GOD like your time is more important or valuable than HIS?   Now is the time to fix that.  You don’t have to want or need something to go to HIM in prayer.   Tell HIM how much you thank HIM for all HE is doing for you.

Today’s prayer:    “Dear GOD, Thank YOU, LORD, for all YOU have done for me, for all YOU are doing for me and for all YOU will continue to do for me.  Forgive me for not coming to YOU with my prayers of thanksgiving as well as my needs.  Amen.”


Feel HIS Blessings!