“Then he said to his servants, ‘The wedding banquet is ready, but those I invited did not deserve to come.'”  Matthew 22:8 NIV

Read:  Matthew 22:1-14

“He doesn’t deserve it!” a worker commented after hearing his co-worker had been promoted and given a raise.   Even in simple things, we can become both judge and jury…too often in great error.   Sometimes, these judgments are rooted in jealousy, while our ignorance of all the facts can be the reason we misjudge.


Other times we may be right in our perception, but wrong in our accusations.   We need to have the discernment to know and the obedience to not judge but allow GOD to control the situation.  We see evil triumphing over good and those responsible seemingly being rewarded.   Growing richer in money and power; there seems to be little accountability.


If we could see those we know passing into Heaven, would we pass the same judgment?  Knowing the sins of others on this earth, would we question our GOD in allowing such sinners into Heaven?


Turn the table.   If you are to be forgiven of all your sins, would you deserve it?   Do you deserve to be washed in the blood of our RISEN SAVIOUR and to spend eternity with HIM?   Think of all the things you have done.   Think of the things you could have done for others and didn’t.   Then ask yourself; “Do I deserve it?”


If you are truly a believer, you deserve salvation only because JESUS is wearing your rags of sin.


Today’s prayer:  “Thank YOU, LORD, for giving me all I don’t deserve.  Thank YOU for taking my sins so that I may have eternal life with YOU.  Help me to give YOUR gospel to others who don’t deserve.  Amen.”