“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”   John 16:33 NIV 

Read:  John 16:16-33

A decade ago, country star, Alan Jackson, sang:

“Cowboys don’t cry and heroes don’t die, good always wins again and again” from his song; ’Here in the Real World’.

The trouble is; it is not that easy here in the real world.   In our real world, cowboys and real men do cry and we know of too many heroes that have died.   We also know from our existence in this real world that good doesn’t always win again and again.

We live in the real world which is the stalking ground of Satan and his angels.   Movies and songs are a make believe glimpse of the good guy always wins.

About the time this world was being created, there was a terrible war in Heaven.  Satan, once GOD’S highest angel, was in battle with GOD’S angels.   Satan lost and was cast out of Heaven by GOD to roam this earth.   Satan is still fighting to gain control on this earth.

We know too well of his evils.   Our own government has turned its back on good things in favor of political correctness.   All too often, the criminals have more rights than their victims in this real world.  Politics are more important than GOD by many.

In this real world, we will lose by simply doing nothing.   Allowing Satan to win his little battles will result in more and more of our religious freedoms being destroyed.   Satan is behind every drug lord, every robbery, every abortion, and every murder and evil deed.   Some have the attitude that ‘they are not hurting me’ and attempt to live in harmony with sin and evil.  Remember Lot?   He chose to live with the evil people, and then lost all he had, including his wife. Satan is depending upon our passive allowances…and in this real world the good do not win again and again.

Are you allowing permissive attitudes here in this real world to control your faith?

Today’s prayer:  “My LORD, Thank YOU for teaching me the difference in good and evil.  Help me to take the actions YOU would have me do to protect my faith, my family and others here in this real world.  Amen.”