“But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Deuteronomy 4:29 NIV

Read: Deuteronomy 4:28-31

Chances are you and your kids played ‘hide and seek’. Did you know the game probably originated in ancient Greece in the second century? The children of the first Christians probably played this game! Did you know ‘hide and seek’ or similarly named games are played in almost every country and culture around out globe? Usually, one player is chosen as ‘it’, closes their eyes and counts to 20 or another number while everyone else hides. The last hider found becomes the next ‘it’.

Adults play the game too…only with a different twist. We attempt to hide our wrong doings from others so we will not be found out. While you may hide your sinful secrets from some, it is only a matter of time until they are made public in some manner. Little sins or big sins, no matter how we try to hide them, GOD knows them all. HE knew of all our wrongs before we ever thought of them. We can’t hide anything from GOD.

As you cannot ‘hide’ your sins from GOD, you can ‘seek’ GOD’S forgiveness. It does not matter how long ago your hidden sin started or how really bad you think it is, GOD will forgive you. So, stop what you know is wrong and take your guilt to GOD. Ask HIM to forgive you and to give you the strength not to give in to the temptations ever again. Your strength may be weak, but GOD will give you the strength to ignore any temptation…if you trust him.

Don’t play a game of ‘hide and seek’ with GOD. HE knows where you are and HE wants you to seek HIM.

Today’s Prayer: “FATHER in Heaven, Thank you for loving me. Help me today to be obedient to your teachings so that I have no need to hide my evil deeds from others. Thank you for forgiving me. Amen.”