“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people-“  1Timothy 2:1 NIV


Read:  1Timothy 2:1-8


I was first introduced to the phrase ‘hurry up and wait’ when I joined the USMC.  Standing in line for hours because someone did not schedule things right became common.   From the early days as a trainee to the final days awaiting discharge, the hours accumulated into weeks and weeks of wasted time.  It seemed we waited to wait.


We can grow impatient while waiting for the schedule of others to accommodate us.  It is more than reality that not everyone is on our personal timetable.


Some of our discouraging delays have purpose.  How many times have you prayed for something and it seemed GOD did not answer your prayer? Delays and waiting may just be GOD’S doing.  Remember the last time you thought you wanted something and in time you were grateful that your prayer was not answered.   Your prayer was most certainly answered.  At the time you prayed, the answer was ‘No’.   Maybe, you did not hear it because you were not prepared for GOD to tell you ‘No’.


Every prayer you pray will get an answer.   Be prepared for GOD’S perfect answer.   Listen carefully for “Yes”, “No” or “Not now, wait”.   Don’t forget…be sure to tell GOD thank you for all of HIS answered prayers.


Today’s prayer:   “GOD MY FATHER, Thank YOU for answering all my prayers.  Help me to listen and understand YOUR answers of ‘yes, no and wait’.  Amen.”