“I JUST CAN’T DO IT!” Wednesday Minute

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5 NIV


Read:   John 15:1-8


When was the last time you gave up and said; “I just can’t do it!”?  We all have moments of self doubts and feelings of inadequacy.   The secret is to allow them to only be moments and allow them to be permanent solutions.


When GOD’S people were threatened by the Philistine army with Goliath as the towering giant to be feared, there was a simple solution.   David, a young shepherd boy, with no military experience had the solution…a simple small stone.   One single stone from his sling solved the problem that Saul and his army could not do.   Saul said he just couldn’t do it.   David said he could do it, knowing GOD would be there with him.


You may be faced with a health problem, an impossible job, a child who has turned from GOD and is in trouble, a difficult marriage or a personal situation.   Are you giving up?   Are you saying; “I just can’t do it!”?    You can do it.   You can take that bad situation and turn it around.   You can do all you can do to correct it.   Then when you can’t do any more, turn to GOD for strength to do even more.


Just as GOD supplied that simple stone for David, HE can supply HIS strength when you think you ‘just can’t do it’.   You can with GOD’S help.  There is no limit of what you can do when you depend upon GOD.


Don’t allow your own weakness to control you.   Satan can do a lot of damage, but we can hurt ourselves with self doubts and feelings of inadequacy.   Take control by trusting GOD.



Today’s prayer:  “Thank YOU, LORD for taking the lead when I am failing myself.   Remind me and help me to understand I can do all through YOU.   Amen.”