“When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred and asked, ‘Who is this?'”  Matthew 21:10 NIV


Read:  Matthew 21:10-32



Have you ever seen someone you knew from years before, but you could not remember their name?   Maybe, you could not even remember where you knew them from or when.   But, you were certain you knew that face.


I have to admit; I have been in that situation.  I felt embarrassed years ago at a high school reunion.  The man recognized me and called me by name and I was a total blank.  There was something about him, but his name was not to be known by me.


All too many have an opposite problem with JESUS.   They know HIS name.  They even admit HE is the SON of GOD.   Yet, they do not know HIM.  You may know who the president of the USA is, but still you don’t know him since you have never even met him.   Knowing who is not the same as knowing personally.


Knowing who JESUS is will not get you into Heaven.   Knowing JESUS personally as your LORD AND SAVIOUR is the only way of getting into Heaven.   Knowing HIM personally is your salvation from the misery we find in this sin filled world.


If you don’t know HIM, today is the day to know JESUS.  Tell JESUS you accept HIM as your LORD.  Thank HIM for taking all your sins away.   Ask HIM to come into your heart.   JESUS knows your name and who you are.   Tell others; “I know HIM!”


Today’s prayer:  “THANK YOU LORD for loving me and knowing who I am.   I know YOU, not just WHO YOU are.   YOU are my LORD.  YOU are my SAVIOUR.  Amen.”