“HE is not here; HE has risen! Remember how HE told you, while HE was still with you in Galilee”  Luke 24:6 NIV

Read:   Luke 24:1-8


“I told you so!”   These words can make you feel miserable, can’t they?   It’s bad enough to be wrong, but being reminded when we are wrong can be devastating.   There are those who seem to thrive on reminding us of our mistakes.

Some things in this life are a series of trials and errors.  There are scientist who experiment to bring us new medicines and technology.  Lifetimes can be spent searching for a medical cure or a development to benefit us all.

Other times are our errors are repeated when not doing the right thing although we knew the right way and the wrong way.  Failing to do as GOD has told us to do could result in HIM telling us; “I told you so!”.


Sometimes, hearing “I told you so!” can be a good thing.
Our verse of the day, reminds us we are blessed when we read JESUS told us of HIS resurrection.   We will be blessed again, when we are taken up for all eternity.

Then we will never be told again; “I told you so!”.    No one will have to tell us.  We will be in eternal Heaven.

Today’s prayer:   “DEAR JESUS, Thank YOU for telling us of YOUR resurrection and of YOUR return.  May we strive to live faithfully in YOUR shadow until that time.  Amen.”