“IF THE DEVIL DANCED . . .” Sunday Sermonette

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”  Hebrews 6:10  NIV


Read:   Hebrews 6:1-10


If you have been a reader of these devotionals very long, you might have come to realize I love old country sayings.   I remember hearing when I was a kid: “If the devil danced in empty pockets, he would have a ball in mine.”   Decades ago, a song was recorded with this as its tag line.


It described having nothing.   My young preteen years were hard having nothing.   I believe no one knows how someone who is poor really feels unless they had a time in their life when they were poor also.    There were times ‘the devil danced in my empty pockets.’  Has the devil ever danced in your empty pockets?


Sure, there are plenty who refuse to work and prefer living off the funds the government allows.  There are incentives to discourage working so some can qualify for financial assistance.   But, don’t judge all who are in need of help.


There are people…lots of people who need a little helping hand.   We can read about those who begged at the city gates in scripture.   Just as those who were in need, there are those in need today.   It is not always about throwing money at a problem.   Money, alone, seldom solves any problem.  But, funds along with encouragement, teaching, counseling or training can bring dramatic results.


Did anyone ever help you?   Isn’t it time you helped someone else.  Waiting for someone to ask you to help probably will not happen.   So, look around.   Maybe, it is that teenager next door or the divorced lady down the street doing her best to raise three kids alone.   Maybe, it is a co-worker who needs help in knowing JESUS.  His pockets may be empty of faith and the devil is having a ball dancing in his empty pockets.


Help someone today.  JESUS wants us to help others, just as HE did.


Today’s prayer:  “LORD JESUS,   Thank YOU for helping me.   YOUR help has given me more than I deserve.   Show me how I should give to others as YOU would have me.  Help me not to be selfish with my money or time.  Amen.”