“I’M SORRY’, JUST DOESN’T CUT IT!” Sunday Sermonette

“Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”  Colossians 3:13 NIV


Read:   Colossians 3: 12-17


Has someone mumbled a half-hearted “I’m sorry” and it came across as insincere or was said only because they felt obligated to say it?   It is disappointing when this happens.


But, what if it was you who mumbled those insincere words?  When you are in error or have wronged someone in business, financially, personally or emotionally, do you accept your responsibility of making good on your wrong?


Of course, it starts with saying you are sorry.  Those words can start the healing process, but they do not need to be mumblings.  Your words need to be from the heart with the very best intentions.  But, there is more.  Your actions need to reflect your well chosen words.


When you say you are sorry, enforce your request for forgiveness with actions.   This is the time to act.  Show the person you offended how sincere you are.  Make amends.   Undo the wrong you committed.   Doing something to reverse your previous actions will not always be easy.   Correcting your mistake will likely be much, much more difficult than if you had done the right thing in the first place.   Now, you must not only right the wrong, but also remove the stigma of the wrong you put on someone else.  Give back more…much more…than you took or pain caused.  Accept full responsibility and be generous in your restitution.


How do you do these things?   Start with GOD.  Ask HIM what you should do.  If you listen carefully, you probably will find what GOD wants of you is more than what you want to do.   This new situation can be embarrassing to you, but big dose of humility is a cheap price to pay to correct the wrong.


CHRIST shed HIS blood upon the cross to forgive you for all the wrongs you have done.  Surely, you can restore others the losses they have suffered at your hands and ask them sincerely to forgive you.


Today’s prayer:  “Thank YOU, LORD, for forgiving me when I wrong YOU.   Help me to ask others to forgive me and to do all I can do to restore those when I wrong them.   Amen.”