“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”   Psalm 55:22


Read:  Psalm 55

What might sound like a politically incorrect phrase is a more correct slang term than what you might believe.   As new Americans traveled west, they literally invaded the lands Native American Indians had known to be theirs.   Then they were ‘given’ back portions of their land by treaty, rounded up and forced to live on the reservations under strict laws.

Then these invaders…our forefathers…took back land that had been given to the rightful owners.  The term ‘Indian giver’ was coined.   These new Americans became ‘Indian givers’.  They gave to the defeated Native Americans and then took it back; breaking the treaties.  Our forefathers were the real ‘Indian givers!’

Taking back is something we do all to often.  JESUS died on that cross so that HE could take on all our sins and burdens.   We can take those problems and lay them…all of them…at the foot of HIS cross.  Still, we have a habit of taking them back.   We pray for HIS help with a situation and yet we take it back to do or worry about it ourselves ignoring the fact that GOD does not need our help.

Do we think we so self righteous, so in control, so much better than GOD at solving our problems that we don’t trust GOD to fix all our problems? None of us can fix a problem, heal a pain, protect the innocent or stop a tear like our SAVIOUR does everyday.   Give up on depending upon yourself and give all your problems to HIM.

Today’s prayer:  “MY HEALER AND PROTECTOR, Thank YOU for loving me and taking care of all my problems.   I promise to stop relying upon myself and to depend only upon YOU.  Amen.”