“The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.”  Psalm 41:3 NIV

Read: Psalm 41:1-3

If all has gone well, I am being released from the hospital about the time you are reading this.  A few weeks ago, I had a routine surgery.  Unknown at the time, but while in surgery I was infected with ‘e coli’.   Last Friday, it erupted into my entire blood system.   In less than 10 minutes, my entire body was infected.   I began to shake violently, could not stand or walk and within minutes more went in and out of consciousness.  My blood pressure dropped in half.   My kidneys shut down.  My heart rate slowed.  I was in severe septic shock!  A doctor later told me a few hours later that at one time I had been “only a few feet from death’s door”.


They did not know GOD’S plan.   As you read this, my labs and vital signs are almost normal.  Thank YOU, JESUS!   But, the story is not about me.   The story is about you and everyone reading this devotional.

GOD has a plan for you.   Are you ready for GOD’S plan for your life?  So many in the world are on life support in their own intensive care unit.  They trust themselves more than GOD.   GOD has given you enormous strength and abilities.  But, remember those strengths and abilities are GOD’S, not yours.

Are you spending your life in the intensive care unit of this world or are you resting daily in the safe, intensive care of GOD’S love?   If you were taken into an ICU, would you be counting on your SAVIOUR to guide the wisdom and hands of the doctors, nurses and staff?  They may be great people, but none of them can save you.   Only GOD can take you from just feet of death’s door.

Today’s prayer:   “JESUS, MY LORD, Thank YOU for being ‘THE GREAT PHYSICIAN’ and healing my physical, emotional and spiritual pains.   Guide me today to share this gospel message to all I come in contact.  Amen.”