“If we endure, we will also reign with Him; If we deny Him, He also will deny us;” 2 Timothy 2:12 NIV

READ: 2 Timothy 2:11-16

Have you ever worked with someone who did not do their job well? It may have appeared they did just enough to get by as if their concern was always ‘just good enough’. At the same time, you may have noticed another worker doing a great job with an attitude of doing their best and ‘just good enough’ not being good enough for them.

Is good good enough? Perhaps, the better question is: How great is great? Great is best. Do you do your very best at all you attempt? Doing our best is important. Doing our best for GOD is the most important thing we can do. Nothing else in this life even comes close to this importance.

How do you do your best for GOD? Your best for GOD starts with making GOD the most important thing in our life. GOD needs to be more important than your spouse, children, parents, job, possessions or your country. You cannot truly know the love of others until you know the love of GOD.

You can reign with GOD in HIS eternal Heaven. GOD gave us HIS best when HE sent HIS SON. GOD’S love for you was proven with the sacrifice HE made. GOD gave you HIS best. Doing a ‘good enough’ job is not enough. Give GOD your best.

When you wake, tell GOD of your love for HIM. Enrich your life immersed in HIS word. Live your life as GOD wants others to see. Worship with others, sharing your love for HIM!

Today’s Prayer: “Dear GOD, Thank YOU for loving me. Help me, today, to grow in YOUR ways and do the very best for YOU. Amen.”