“God said to Moses, ‘I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: I am has sent me to you.'”  Exodus 3:14 NIV

Read:  Exodus 3:1-15

Is your god your GOD?   For many, it may sound redundant.   But, it is a real question which deserves a real answer.

Who is your god?   Is GOD your GOD?   Or do you have another god?   The ancient Israelites abandoned GOD over and over.   They melted their gold in order to fabricate a golden calf to worship.   They set their memories of all GOD had done for them aside and took on the false gods of those they conquered and of those who conquered them.

It seems thousand of years have gone by and nothing has changed.  I intentionally used lower case and upper case ‘G’ to identify a god and our true GOD.   There is more than a capital letter difference.

Millions in the United States stand in line at a pancake house or coffee shop for a late breakfast or brunch instead of going to church and worshiping GOD with other believers.   Others spend Sunday mornings sipping a cup of coffee before going shopping or packing the car for a day at the park or lake.

Do you have something to do that is more important than GOD?  Never mind trying to excuse your thoughts and actions.   If you are making that choice, then those other things are your gods.   Then your god is not GOD.

You have a choice.   Is your god, the great ‘I AM!’?  Don’t ask me…ask GOD!

Today’s prayer:  “MY GOD, Thank YOU for loving me and correcting me.   Help me to understand the need for my acknowledging YOUR supremacy and not being led astray by the worldly things around me.  Amen.”