“When he passes me, I cannot see him; when he goes by, I cannot perceive him.”

Job 9:11 NIV


Read:   Job 9:1-11



Perception…it is all in our minds.  When we look at something we believe it is what it is based upon information or the lack of information we have learned from previous observations and teachings.


Have you ever questioned what GOD looks like or how GOD created HIMSELF?   When we try to imagine the physical characteristics of GOD, we attempt to use human qualities.   Despite what we imagine, we have no idea of the scope or person of GOD.


Draw a dot on a piece of paper and you can see the size of it, but you cannot see the thickness.  Raise it off the paper and you can see height, width and depth.  If round like a ball, you cannot see where the ball’s surface or interior began or ends.


GOD is like that.   There is no beginning or end.   GOD came from GOD.  If you want to know more of GOD than what we know, you will find out when you go to Heaven.  Spending eternity with GOD is the only way to know more.  If you don’t go to Heaven, you don’t know GOD in your daily life and you will never know HIM.


This minute, you have a choice.   Accept JESUS as your risen saviour and know the true GOD of eternity; THE FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT.  Reject HIM and you will never know all of GOD.  Stop trying to figure HIM out in your mind and feel HIM in your heart.


Today’s prayer: “LORD, MY GOD, Thank YOU for sending YOUR SON to take the sins from me so that I might live.   Help me to understand YOUR love and to radiate that love to others.   Amen.”