“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” Acts 2:42 NIV

Read: Acts 2:36-47

“JOIN THE CLUB!”, Mike joked as I finally caught onto a computer procedure. What was apparently easy for him to understand was like a foreign language to me. Being a hands on, nuts and bolts kind of guy, it takes me a while to grasp the process a computer uses to perform a task and what I must do to to insure the results. It takes me a while to ‘join the club’.

What about you? Are there things in this modern world that just don’t make sense or things you just don’t get the first time? Sometimes we need a little extra time or special instruction to learn something new. At other times, our lack of understanding something new or different comes from our own lack of interest. Often, we put things off in favor of things that are of more interest or importance to us.

Have you ever started reading the Bible, front to back, one book at a time? The first time I read GOD’S word chapter by chapter, I was excited with the history and life applications of Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus. Then I started reading Numbers (how appropriately named!). Names after names, numbers after numbers, the son of the son of and 36,000 cattle first seemed boring. I failed initially to understand the purpose. The matter was not whether their was 36,000 cattle or 37,000 cattle. Each of these facts were the dots on the i and the crosses on the t of the lesson. These little facts when all put together complete GOD’S story. By absorbing it all, I ‘joined the club’. Now, Numbers and other books are full of GOD”S exciting story.

There is another club…the club of worship. Do you go to church and experience the social club or do you go to church to ‘worship’ your LORD GOD, JESUS YOUR SAVIOR and THE HOLY SPIRIT who dwells within you?

“Join the club!” and go to church this morning worship GOD for all the right reasons. If you don’t have a regular church, go to the closest one to where you live…”JOIN THE CLUB!” of worship.

Today’s Prayer: “MY FATHER, Thank you for all YOU do for me that I take for granted. Help me today to worship YOU the way YOU intended with less of me and more of YOU. Amen.”