“You shall have no other gods before me.”

Exodus 20:3 NIV


Read:  Exodus 20: 1-17


Has anyone ever made a suggestion to you which made you feel uncomfortable?  Did they touch that nerve that sent a shiver throughout you reminding you of an error or shortcoming?


When we are on the receiving end of a suggestion that comes to close to home, it is time to pay attention.    Ask yourself why.   Ask yourself what is it that others see you need to do that you have not done for yourself.


GOD gave HIS path for your life in the Ten Commandments.   These are not GOD’S Ten Suggestions.   Again, these are not suggestions.   GOD is not passive with HIS absolute Commandments.  They are not take it or leave it maybes.


The Ten Commandments are not Ten Suggestions.  Our dictionaries define suggestion as a recommendation, a proposal or a consideration.   A commandment is defined as a divine rule, a rule that must be obeyed or a direct order.   GOD’S Ten Commandments are direct orders to each of us.


We can be judgmental and see the shortcomings of others; their failures of keeping GOD’S Ten Commandments.   Isn’t it time we look inward?  Are you keeping GOD’S Ten Commandments?  At any time in your life, there is one or more of HIS Commands that you are probably struggling with.


The Ten Commandments are today’s reading.  Open your Bible and spend time with GOD and HIS absolute rules for you today.


Today’s prayer:  GOD MY CREATOR, Thank YOU for laying out YOUR rules for me to live by.  Thank YOU for telling me of the ten weaknesses of sin in this world that I am to avoid.  I will follow YOUR Commandments.  Amen.”