“JUST WAIT A MINUTE!” Wednesday Minute

” Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves”  Matthew 7:15 NIV


Read:   Matthew 7:15-23


When was the last time you told someone “Just wait a minute!”?   If you have not said it, there is a good chance you thought it.   With bogus unsolicited phone calls coming in at all hours claiming to have information on your credit card account to someone wanting a donation for a fake law enforcement charity, it doesn’t seem to stop.


Maybe, you were buying a new appliance and the sales rep was insisting you buy their overpriced warranty or pay extra for their express delivery when you had to stop them with “Just wait a minute”.


False doctrine is like that.   Have you ever questioned what someone was spouting about their interpretation of scripture or insisting you believe something that you knew was wrong?   If you question false teachings, you have discernment.    Discernment needs to be practiced every day.


The evil one masquerades as prophets and teachers declaring GOD’S WORD with a twist…a twist that ultimately contradicts GOD’S true WORD. JESUS warned us of these things and of these false prophets and teachers.   Satan has no doctrine.  He steals the truth of GOD’S WORD to gain credibility and then professes his deceitful lies.   That is when you need to say:  “Just wait a minute!”


Today’s prayer:  “Thank YOU, LORD, for warning me of the false prophets and false doctrine that is all around us.   I need YOUR discernment.  I know YOUR WORD, will obey YOUR discipline and will trust as YOU guide.  Amen.”