“The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.”  Psalm 34:17 NIV


Read:  Psalm 34:15-22



For decades, we would mail a letter and wonder when it would be delivered.   Times have changed, but we may be still in a similar situation. Instead of sending a postal letter, we now send emails.


We know it will be delivered usually within seconds.   But, then in less than a minute, we are notified the receiver’s email inbox is full.   And there is nothing we can do about it.  We cannot even send them an email telling them their inbox is full.


We realize that no matter what we do, there is no absolute certainty in knowing our note will ever be read.   The only way we can be sure is by talking with them…on the phone of face to face.  If we can talk to them, then why did we send them an email?


That is also the only way to know if GOD is listening to you.  You have to talk with HIM.   You can talk with GOD face to face.   HIS voice can be heard when you listen.  You can feel HIS presence when you allow yourself that special moment.


We can hear GOD audibly sometimes.   We may hear HIS voice as a roaring thunder from Heaven above or as a soft whisper.  At times, HIS voice may be a tugging or urging of the HOLY SPIRIT.   At other times, GOD plants HIS message to us in our hearts, telling us the answer to our prayers in full confidence of what we are to do.


In all certainty, we know we can go to GOD in prayer and never…absolutely never…will our request come back to us or be ignored because HIS mailbox is full.  It is good to hear from GOD.


Today’s prayer:  “My GOD, Thank YOU for always listening when I call upon YOU.   Thank YOU for always being available to me in my times of weakness, doubts and insecurities.  I long to hear YOUR voice.  Amen.”