“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.”  James 2:26 NIV


Read:   James 2:14-26


There is a story about a man falling overboard from an ocean liner.  It seems, as he bobbed in the sea, everyone had a different opinion as to what needed to be done.  Comments were more plentiful than actions.


Someone suggested throwing him a life ring.  Someone else suggested throwing him a rope. Another said to throw him some food in case he got hungry before he could be rescued.  One even suggested to continue their travel and rescue the man on their return trip, since rescuing him would delay their vacation time.


Opinions are a dime a dozen.   Some are good.  Some are bad.   Only one is best.  Action based upon the right decision is the only thing to do.


How about your decision to give your life to JESUS?   Have you made the right decision?  Have you taken the action you need to take?   Praying to accept JESUS as your LORD AND SAVIOUR is the important first step.   Being baptized is an important step as well.  Going to church is important.  Studying your Bible and sufficient prayer time with our CREATOR are also important.  Yet, they are but pieces.  One piece without the others is like a pie without the fillings.


Living your life with intent to honor GOD every minute of every day is the goal for each of us.  Life on this earth is difficult.   Satan will do all in his power to confuse you with false ideals and selfish gains.


What does JESUS want you to do today?


Today’s prayer:   “LORD JESUS, Thank YOU for loving me even during the times I make wrong decisions.  Guide me to live my life, making decisions YOU would have me make then taking the necessary actions as YOU guide me.  Amen.”