“Jesus replied, ‘I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.'” John 8:34 NIV

READ: Titus 3:3-8

This devotional is not titled appropriately. You see, my mother never had a feather duster!

Mother would not use a feather duster because as she said: “They don’t work. All they do is push dirt from one place to another.” Mother would mix a small amount of ammonia in a pail of water. She would then use two cloths to ‘dust’.

One cloth was dipped into the pail and wrung out. She would wash every item in the room and use the dry cloth to dry the item. From knick-knack to every piece of furniture…nothing was spared from her ‘dusting’ routine. When she finished ‘dusting’ this way, you can be sure there was no dust to be found. This process was repeated in every room of our small house.

Sin is like dust. We can move it around from place to place,but it is still there. Unless we wash our sins away, they are still around to tempt us and to undermine our efforts. We cannot wash away our own sins. God knew we could never cleanse ourselves, so He sent His only son to wash away our sins. Jesus will wash away your sins if you have faith and believe in Him.

You can live a clean life. As difficult as it may seem, it is actually an easy thing to do. Have faith. Know and understand the love God has for you. Knowing Jesus as your personal savior will wash away your sins. Studying your Bible, staying in open prayer with God and worshiping with other believers will help you keep Satan’s dusty sins at a minimum.

Today’s prayer: “Precious Jesus, Thank you for taking my on my sins. Help me, today, to recognize the sins in my life that I keep moving around but never rid myself of them. Amen.”