“Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.”   Song of Solomon 2:12 NIV


Read:  Song of Solomon 2:1-17


No, it is not about the quantity of roses; yet a couple of dozen probably would not hurt anything.   In fact, it is not about roses at all.


It is about doing more…much more…than bringing home or having flowers delivered.   One day a year of showing love and appreciation is hardly enough to make up for the days of forgetfulness and wrongs of an entire year.


We need to show our love and appreciation for others every day.   We can get so busy in this hectic life, we forget to do the simple things for others simply because they are the right things to do.


While the giving of roses is a usual gift from a man to a special lady, roses are far from showing the love we all need to give and receive.  Today’s reading expresses the romance of love between a woman and a man.   Did you ever notice, when reading these verses, the exchange of poetic praises starts with the lady, is answered by the man, and is closed by the lady?


GOD created us male and female for HIS reasons.   HE alone created the romance we can hold for another.  Use this day to romance the one HE has created for you.  Hold each other high and sing praises to our LORD.   It is more than a dozen roses.  And don’t forget those who are all alone today, they could use a little love and attention as well. Do yourself a favor and read Song of Solomon 2:1-17.


Today’s prayer:   “Thank YOU, LORD, for all the love YOU have given to me.  Help me to share that love with others and bring YOUR blessings on all.  Amen.”