“For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed-a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: ‘The righteous will live by faith.'”

Romans 1:17 NIV

Read: Romans 1:11-17

We all get more than we deserve.  This biggest problem is we so often take most we have for granted.   Yes, we may mumble a prayer of thanks now and then.  But, do we really take the time to be thankful for all GOD has provided?

One thing we all can receive is the GRACE OF GOD.   GOD’S GRACE comes to us without costs and is always more than we deserve.   As undeserving as we are, GOD has love and forgiveness for each of us.
Do you feel unrighteous?   As unrighteous as you may feel, GOD is righteous in HIS forgiveness of all you have done or will do…if you have accepted HIS SON as your LORD AND SAVIOUR.

GOD’S righteousness is so unfathomable, HIS perfection so beyond any thought we could possibly grasp in our limited and sinful minds.   GOD’S righteousness is so magnificent, we sometimes doubt HIS absolute mercy.   Since, we cannot duplicate HIS mercy, we have difficulty understanding GOD’S righteousness.

When was the last time you showed mercy, true mercy, to someone?  Can you grasp the righteousness of GOD when you feel unrighteous yourself?   Take a deep breath and feel the righteousness of GOD.   Then, take that feeling and be merciful to someone else.   Hold onto that thought each day.   The righteousness of GOD will help you be righteous to another.

Today’s prayer:  “MY RIGHTEOUS GOD, Thank YOU for YOUR grace and mercy.   As undeserving as I am, YOU alone make me deserving of YOUR love.  Use me, as you desire, to bring YOUR grace and mercy to others.  Amen.”